Your Empowered Menopause

Is this you?

√ You are struggling with your hormones and are fed up with feeling overwhelmed and out of balance

√ You have read the books, followed the diets, taken the supplements and feel no better

√ You have been to the doctors and are not happy with their recommendations

√ You are feeling unheard, unseen, dismissed

√ You are wanting to feel calm, confident and supported

√ You want to feel energised and empowered to take control of your health

And you want to do it naturally

What’s your vision for the future?…

Focusing on your hormonal health now, not only sets you up for a better menopausal experience, but also leads to optimal health in the post-menopausal years

A natural menopause is possible

What if I told you it could be:

✓ Calm, without mood swings or sudden floods of tears

Free from stress, anxiety all whilst maintaining your confidence and memory

Cool, both in terms of your body temperature and your ability to still feel young, fun and sexy

Devoid of joint pains, itchy skin, dryness and other random symptoms 

And if I told you, you could feel like you… naturally, without medication?

Can you imagine being that woman?

Let me tell you a secret…

Symptoms like hot flushes, mood swings, fatigue and stubborn weight gain are tell-tale signs of the menopause.

But whilst common, they are not normal.

They’re your body telling you that something is out of balance.

Menopause should be a beautiful, natural process and I can help you experience it that way.

Feelings of irritability, fatigued, having lost your mojo, or weight gain are not normal.  They are not something you just have to put up with.

There’s something else going on.

Through this programme we are going to work out what that something else is and how to correct that imbalance.

Perimenopausal, menopausal or beyond

Whether perimenopausal or in full blown menopause or beyond, you deserve to flow into the next phase of life with ease and grace.

This programme will teach you how to do this – and more.

Through my unique approach using homeopathy, nutrition and health coaching you will learn:

√ To understand your hormones and what your symptoms are telling you

√ What to eat to balance your hormones

√ Wholesome, simple lifestyle changes to support your menopause transition

√ How to revitalise your body’s ability to detox and eliminate excess hormones

√ How to avoid hormone-disrupting toxins

√ The importance of prioritising your self-care

√ The importance of exercise and the types of exercise you should be doing

√ Understand how our emotional state impacts our physical being

√  Learn how to be consistent in your health choices, through menopause and beyond



“Working with you has been a real life-changer for me. You’ve given me the knowledge and guidance that I needed to set me on the right track with my diet and my exercise when I really didn’t know what I should be doing. The coaching work has led to a real sense of self-assurance and wisdom. I didn’t quite believe in myself before but you’ve helped me to see that it’s okay to do that and that it’s right to do so. You also revealed some grief that I hadn’t fully processed and helped me with that process too. The package that you’ve put together is excellent – when you work on all the areas of your life at once the result is so powerful.”


“I have a proper structure for my diet which is realistic. A proper structure for my exercise which is realistic. A proper structure for my personal development and self-care which I can work on as I need to and is realistic. Yes, they are all sustainable. I also like that if I ever lose focus in any of these areas I can just go back again and start afresh. There isn’t a feeling of if I don’t stick to it for a day or week or even a month then it was all wasted. The structure is there for me to return to.”


“Understanding the importance of the blood-sugar balancing diet has had such a positive impact on my life in terms of energy levels, feeling good about myself and eating well. Understanding more about the importance of strength training to increase my metabolism and ultimately help with my body shape as well. Learning how to use meditation. I feel wiser and more self-assured having gone through the process.”

Why work with me?

Hi, I am Chelsea and I fundamentally believe that all women deserve better hormonal health care through all stages of life.

I use a unique approach combining homeopathy, nutrition and health coaching.  This means a blend of holistic, whole person energy medicine and evidence based lifestyle medicine.

I will:

Use homeopathic remedies to address:

✓ Underlying emotional issues

✓ Hormone imbalances

✓ Liver, gut and bowel health

✓ Constitutional treatment

Use my skills as a hormone specialist to help you to understand:

What you should be eating

What supplements you should be taking

What lifestyle changes you need to be making

Use coaching skills to:

Challenge you on limiting beliefs 

✓ Address any blockages

✓ Draw on your inner strengths to create healthy, sustainable routines

Are you ready to feel like you again?

Your Empowered Menopause Programme

I have put together a unique programme that combines homeopathy, nutrition and health coaching to ensure you are educated and empowered to have the menopausal experience you desire.

Whether you are just starting to show signs of entering peri-menopause or are in full blown menopause, this programme is suitable for you.

We start with a full lifestyle and nutritional assessment and a visualisation of what you want your future health to look like.

This is combined with an initial homeopathy appointment where we can go through your physical, mental and emotional health. Your journey into eating to support your menopause starts with a 2 week detox and I am not going to lie, you might find the detox challenging but I will be there to hold your hand the whole way through.

From there to the end of the programme, we will be taking small steps toward your health goal. You are in charge of the pace and the final destination.

This programme is not about restrictions (well, apart from the detox) and it’s not about denial or calorie counting or about implementing unachievable routines. It’s about moving at your pace, toward your desired outcome.

This programme is about you.

What’s Included?

Your own personalised 4-month programme
4 x homeopathy appointments
5 x health coaching appointments
Homeopathic remedies
Homeobotanical herbal tonics
Personalised nutrition plan, starting with a detox
Personalised supplementation plan
Hormone balancing recipes
Your guide to creating hormonal balance
Visualisation meditation
Consistency coaching
Life time access to my ‘Empowered Menopause Method’ portal
All the support, resources and accountability to help you reach your goals


** Monthly payment plan available **