Weight Loss in Menopause: 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid


The Ultimate Guide to Thriving in the Menopause

In my early 40s, I put on 10lbs just like that.  I exercised and always ate well, so I couldn’t understand why the weight had piled on and seemed to be piling on.  If you can relate keep reading (or watch this video if you prefer) because I am sharing the common mistakes that I see when it comes to weight loss in menopause.  And yes, they are mistakes I was making too!




In our late 30s and early 40s, we experience significant changes in our hormonal and metabolic health, a trend that continues into menopause and beyond. This shift means that what once worked for weight loss is no longer effective. It’s crucial to align our strategies with our body’s evolving needs and hormonal changes. The following three mistakes work against our hormonal balance, undermining our weight loss efforts:


Mistake number 1:  Too many refined carbohydrates and sugars


With the loss of oestrogen, we become less receptive to the messages of insulin which means when we eat these foods, we end up on the blood sugar roller coaster and very easily gain weight.  And the weight gain will show up in that menopausal belly fat region.


Mistake number 2: Processed ‘healthy’ foods


A lot of people will go GF and eat processed GF products or go keto and eat processed keto bars, or go vegan and eat processed vegan cheese or increase protein by eating processed protein bars…. I think you get the picture.


But have you ever read the ingredients list on any of these products?  A lot of them are full of chemicals and toxins which clog the liver and destroy the gut preventing weight loss, and create a highly inflammatory state which will make your entire menopause experience a lot worse and these toxins make themselves at home in fat cells, making weight loss very difficult.


Mistake number 3: Ignoring Stress


One of oestrogen’s very important jobs is keeping stress levels in check, so when we have less oestrogen, we have naturally higher stress levels.  And we have less progesterone, less of its calming influence.  If we continue living in the way we have always lived, being busy all the time, giving all of ourselves away to others, and not taking care of ourselves, we have higher and higher stress hormones in the body.  Those excess stress hormones get stored as belly fat.


And so not only will you have belly fat, but high stress levels will affect your ability to be motivated to stick to healthy eating habits, will affect your food choices, it will affect your gut and how well you can absorb and assimilate the food that you are eating, and it can cause a blood sugar imbalance.  So I can’t emphasise this enough you have to be making time for stress reduction activities every single day.


So there you have it 3 mistakes that might be getting in the way of your menopausal weight loss journey.   If you are reading this and thinking yes, ‘this is me, now what?’.  You are probably the perfect fit for my Haywire Hormone Fix programme.

Let’s chat and see if it’s the right fit for you!