Ventral Vagus Nerve for Reducing Menopausal Stress


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Have you heard of your ventral vagus nerve? No? Well, it is a fantastic tool for reducing menopausal stress and improving mood and general well-being.  And most of the tools for improving ventral vagus nerve tone are fun activities.  Keep reading to find out how to improve the tone of your ventral vagus nerve because good tone is what we need for reducing menopausal stress.




What is the Ventral Vagus Nerve?


The ventral vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve in the body, connecting the brain with many important organs and it is a key element of the parasympathetic rest and digest state.  That’s the place we want to be spending more time in order to manage our menopause symptoms.

Typically we are spending too much time in the fight or flight state and this is where we experience stress, anxiety, impaired sleep, brain fog, hot flushes, weight gain, bloating, joint pain, loss of motivation, overthinking, anxiety and loss of libido.

The vagus nerve has two parts – the dorsal in the back and the ventral in the front.  The dorsal is activated by danger, stress, fear and the ventral is activated by safety.  And we want to be able to switch between the two quickly and efficiently – that is once we have overcome a stress, we want to be able to quickly move back to a rest and digest state.  That ability to move efficiently between the two indicates good stress resilience and good ventral vagus tone.


Toning the Ventral Vagus Nerve for Reduced Menopausal Stress

  • Social Connections: Activities like laughing and socializing enhance vagal tone.
  • Vocal Exercises: Singing, gargling, chanting, and humming are excellent for toning.
  • Breathwork: Deep belly breathing, especially with longer exhales, boosts vagal tone.
  • Temperature Variation: Cold water immersion or alternating hot and cold showers can be effective.
  • Movement Practices: Tai Chi, Chi Gong, and Yoga are beneficial.
  • Meditation: Regular practice helps in toning the nerve.
  • Massage: Promotes oxytocin, aiding in vagal toning.
  • Positive Self-Talk: Affirmations can be surprisingly effective.
  • Dietary Support: Probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids are shown to improve tone.


So there we have it a short blog today introducing a really simple tool that is going to do wonders for your menopausal stress levels.   And if you want some other ideas on improving your menopausal experience grab a copy of my free guide ‘Thriving in Your 40s & Beyond’.

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