Natural Remedies for Oestrogen Dominance in Perimenopause

Oestrogen, Perimenopause

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Oestrogen dominance in perimenopause can cause symptoms like heavy flooding periods, breast tenderness and mood swings. This is a result of declining progesterone levels which results in symptoms like sleep issues, irregular periods, headaches and anxiety.   Luckily, we have supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies to help!  In this blog, I am sharing a few natural remedies for oestrogen dominance that I regularly use in my clinic.



Supplements for Oestrogen Dominance


When it comes to supplements, I suggest starting with the basics, supporting hormone balance as a whole, supporting liver detoxification and gut health.  So that would look like:




This is the key supplement for hormones – it is absolutely essential for hormone balance.  It helps an oestrogen dominant state in a number of ways:

  • For oestrogen clearance, we need to be having a healthy bowel movement 1-3 x day.  Being constipated can lead to an oestrogen dominant state.  Magnesium helps to keep you regular.
  • Magnesium also helps to support the liver with oestrogen detoxification.
  • Magnesium also acts as a calming tonic for the central nervous system and helps to reduce cortisol levels.  When we are stressed,we burn through magnesium so we need to replace that.


Omega 3 fatty acids


Again another great supplement for hormones generally as our hormones are made from cholesterol so we want healthy fats for healthy hormone production.


But omega-3 fatty acids also help with oestrogen clearance by supporting the liver and reducing inflammation which can be a driver for oestrogen dominance.  With oestrogen dominance we see an inflamed state, which is often aggravated with excess stress hormones like putting fuel on the fire, hence the painful periods, heavy periods, and mood swings.


Vitamin B6


B6 helps firstly by improving progesterone production.  It also helps with liver function as a whole and more specifically the phase 2 oestrogen detoxification pathway.  It is also beneficial for histamine intolerance and mood issues that we see with oestrogen dominance.


A B6 deficiency can result in excess oestrogen and the oral contraceptive pill strips the body of B6.  Even if you were on it years ago it is something to consider.  I regularly detox women in perimenopause, menopause and beyond from the contraceptive pill.




This is all about gut health.  Within the microbiome, we have the oestrobolome which metabolises oestrogen.  We want healthy levels of good bacteria to support the microbiome.


Herbs for Oestrogen Dominance


Milk thistle

Milk Thistle s a great liver support.  It supports the liver as a whole plus the two oestrogen detoxification pathways.


Agnus Castus

Agnus Castus has been shown to support progesterone production and lower oestrogen and is useful for breast tenderness, short or heavy cycles and mood swings



Maca is an adaptogenic herb which helps us to adapt to stress and lowers cortisol levels.  Additionally, it is a phytoestrogen.  Phytoestrogens help to balance oestrogen levels – whether high or low – and they help to clear environmental oestrogens that can bind to our oestrogen receptor cells and stop our natural oestrogen from doing its job.


Of course, if you are taking any medications, including HRT, please check for contraindications before starting a new supplement or herb and if you are unsure please check with your health care provider.


Homeopathic Remedies for Oestrogen Dominance


With homeopathic remedies, they have to match you and your symptoms.


Kali Carb

  • They tend to be quite dutiful, but with that, they can become rigid, obstinate and dogmatic.
  • They struggle with premenstrual syndrome with swollen breasts, water retention and violent colicky pain.
  • They get long and heavy periods with pains described as labour pains felt in the back, down the hips and thighs.
  • They can have severe back ache before and during menses, swollen and sensitive breasts before period, they get anxiety and they feel it in the stomach – and everything is worse from 2am-4am.


Sabina Officinalis


  • They tend to be morose, and melancholic.
  • Their menses are too profuse, like gushing hot water, and the blood is bright red mixed with dark clots.
  • Their pains are felt from the sacrum to the pubis, from below upwards – including shooting pains up into the vagina.
  • They may have haemorrhages, partly clotted, all worse for movement.
  • They are worse during menopause, worse for heat – hot air, heat of the bed, or room, better for cold open air and pain is said to be better for laying flat on the back with limbs extended.



  • Their emotional picture covers sadness, depression, a feeling as it there was a black cloud over everything, dread, and a fear that something bad will happen.
  • Their periods are heavy and painful, with the more flow the more pain, and the pains can travel down the thighs.
  • It covers hormonal headaches as well as joint pains and muscle tension.


These three remedies are remedies I use a lot – there are hundreds more so if these don’t cover your symptoms, don’t despair there is help, you might have to consult a homeopathic practitioner.


My approach to oestrogen dominance in perimenopause would be to start with nutrition and homeopathic remedies as a top layer, herbs would be my next layer and supplements last.  So if you haven’t seen my previous blog on foods to help clear oestrogen dominance you can read that here.


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