Natural Remedies for Anxiety in Menopause


The Ultimate Guide to Thriving in the Menopause


Anxiety in perimenopause and menopause is something I see regularly in my clinic, and I understand how debilitating it can be because I have struggled with anxiety myself. And whilst common, it doesn’t have to be your new normal.  In this blog, I will share natural remedies for treating anxiety.



Natural Remedies for Anxiety in Perimenopause, Menopause and Beyond


A note before we start…


These recommendations in terms of supplements and adaptogens are going to help optimise your body systems, to reduce anxiety and the homeopathic remedies will be fantastic for helping in the moment.  But what these won’t be doing is addressing the root cause of your anxiety.


If you have anxiety because of extreme stress, or as a result of trauma, that has to be dealt with via the help of a professional, whether that be a qualified homeopath like myself, or through taking therapies, addressing that root cause is a must.


And the second caveat is that as always if you are taking any medications, please check for contraindications and if unsure, check with your doctor.



Supplements for Anxiety



Magnesium is a calming mineral.  It calms the nervous system, and the brain and helps to regulate anti-anxiety neurotransmitter function.  When stressed or anxious we burn through magnesium so I always recommend magnesium – a magnesium glycinate to be precise – in states of anxiety.


Omega 3 fatty acid

We need these healthy fats for hormone production and brain health which in turn helps to reduce anxiety.  Additionally, Omega-3 fatty acids are effective in reducing anxiety and depression.



L-Theanine is fantastic for reducing anxiety and improving sleep issues.  Progesterone and GABA our lovely calming, anti-anxiety neurotransmitter interact – the more progesterone, the more potent GABA is.  In perimenopause and beyond, we have less progesterone, and therefore less GABA and less of its anti-anxiety influence.  We can use L-theanine to promote healthier GABA levels.


Adaptogens for Anxiety



Ashwagandha has been shown to improve mood, anxiety and depression and it’s just great for so many other perimenopause and menopause symptoms including hot flushes, brain fog, blood sugar balance and thyroid support.



Rhodiola is known for reducing anxiety and cortisol.  Research suggests that it stimulates our feel-good neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine.


Homeopathy for Anxiety



This is one of the key homeopathic remedies for anxiety – it has lots of anxiety, fear and restlessness.  It covers panic attacks and a fear of dying – they believe they are going to die.  It also covers anxiety about the heart, fear of crowds, agoraphobia, fear of doctors and dentists.



This is our anticipatory anxiety remedy – so if you are anticipating all the things that could go wrong and getting anxious, this could well be the remedy for you.  It’s anticipation, apprehension and fear and they can get diarrhoea with it anxiety.  If you have ever had a panic attack, you will know that there is a fear or anxiety around having another one – this remedy covers the ‘fear of having a panic attack.  It also covers fear of heights, of flying, of crowds, and claustrophobia.



This is our health anxiety remedy, and it has lots of fears about health and germs and disease.  They are very fastidious and can even be OCD about cleaning and germs.  They worry about trifles and the future, but the main anxiety is around health and they need lots of reassurance, which they don’t believe or take on.



Calc is a great menopause remedy generally, they get anxious and worry about all their responsibilities, and with that can get into a ‘can’t be bothered’ state.  They have a lot of heat and sweat at night, particularly in the head, neck face and chest, and their periods can be heavy and long.



Anxiety and panic attacks and their anxiety is usually performance anxiety – fear of public speaking, and stage fright but it also covers fear of failure.  They have a loss of confidence, and their anxiety is felt in the pit of the stomach.  They can have heat and sweat that is usually worse 4pm to 8pm.  It is a great remedy for bloating, immediately full after eating, and are worse for wheat, bread, cabbage, beans, and onions and they desire sugar.


Of course, there are loads of other homeopathic remedies for anxiety, these are just a handful that I find I prescribe a lot in my clinic and they are remedies that will be in any home-prescribers homeopathic kit.



It’s important to remember that supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies are part of a holistic approach to managing anxiety. Good nutrition, adequate sleep, regular exercise, and stress management are fundamental to keeping anxiety at bay.  My free download ‘Thriving in Your 40s & Beyond’ will get you started with this holistic approach.  Download it today.