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What my clients say about me

“I’ve been seeing Chelsea via Skype for a few months now for help with my periods as I am in the perimenopausal phase.

My symptoms were illness and feeling run down before every period, heavy periods and often a low mood.

These symptoms have really changed and I now have no PMT at all.

I would highly recommend Chelsea as she is extremely knowledgeable about hormones, diet and nutrition as well as which remedies suited me.

Chelsea is very easy to talk to and I have found her sessions informative too.”

Premenstrual (PMT)

JP, Chingford

“I’ve been going to visit Chelsea for a few months now, she is a fantastic lady, very caring and easy to open up too. Chelsea also has helped me out through some up’s and down’s that I’ve had, and has made me see my life in a different way, I hugely thank her for this. And I would highly recommend this lovely lady to anyone.”


NR, Leigh on Sea

“After years of struggling with sleep issues, I decided to visit Chelsea. She has an amazing and empathetic approach to clients, and a real insight into underlying issues of anxiety. After just one visit, I’ve been sleeping better than I have in years – up to 7 hours a night instead of my usual 3 or 4. I feel so much better in myself and cannot thank Chelsea enough. Would highly recommend her.”

Sleep Issues

LB, Leigh on Sea

“Thank you for helping my young daughter with her anxiety problems she was very comfortable talking to you about her feelings which was a big relief for me. We will be back to see you if she needs more help.”


LW, Benfleet

“My son had a problem in school with concentration. I tried bribing him, talking to him, I tried some tips from the Internet to improve his concentration but I always got same respond from the teachers. He is not concentrating! I did not know how to break it.

Luckily my friend Chelsea was so kind to listen to my troubles and she offered me homeopathy. I must confess that at that time I believed that homeopathy was just a placebo I couldn’t imagine how can it work. But I felt that what I’m doing is not helping and the teachers were unhappy.

My son got the tablets for a week to take. When he started getting learning awards I still didn’t think that’s thanks to homeopathy but at the end of that treatment he brought home certificate which said FOR IMPROVING HIS CONCENTRATION. I was shocked I asked my son how come and he said “mum for some reason I understood everything”. I’m so happy that Chelsea helped me to believe.”

Behavioural Issues

VD, Leigh on Sea

“I have been suffering with PMS and low iron for a few years now, the symptoms that these cause are worsening as I get older.

When I found out Chelsea was specialising in hormones we had a discussion and I decided to commence treatment.

We are working together and I am seeing an improvement already after only 3 months.

I have found Chelsea is to be knowledgeable, professional and very empathetic.

I talk about her work often and I would encourage anyone to go and give it a go.”

Hormone Balancing

WA, Leigh on Sea

“Chelsea really helped me when I was exhausted and low suffering from anaemia. After constantly go back and forth to the doctors for my short 10 minute appointments, I felt Chelsea really listened and that was therapy in itself. The remedies were easy to take and effective. Thank you Chelsea!”


KP, Leigh on Sea

“I started to go to see Chelsea about 18 months ago. I was suffering with ongoing medical problems which were not improving with the Doctors prescriptions. Out of desperation I decided to try homeopathy and was recommended to Chelsea.

I had gone through a lot of past emotional traumas over many years. With her knowledge I am now in a much better place healthwise and also mentally. The best thing I ever did was make time for myself and visit Chelsea. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

I am now in a much better place. Thank you Chelsea.”

Women's Health

DR, Leigh on Sea

“I had been suffering with my skin for over two years and the GP treated me for eczema. It got worse and following a visit to a consultant I was diagnosed with severe psoriasis.

I did not want to proceed with the treatment recommended and decided to take the homeopathic route. Luckily I found Chelsea.

Following an initial consultation with her we discovered that the root cause was stress. This consultation was in-depth and I felt as though I was talking to my best friend. She prescribed a remedy for my skin and a remedy for stress. Her instructions were clear and easy to follow and she is available to help at any time.

I have visited Chelsea three times now and the improvements are immense. I could not walk without pain as the skin on my left foot was cracked, bleeding, itchy and inflamed and my hands were the same. Now after three months my skin on my foot has improved so much that I can walk without pain and it is totally clear on the sole and almost clear around the heel area. My foot rarely itches and I have the confidence to wear sandals. My hands are greatly improved too and I feel so relaxed.

I would not hesitate in recommending Chelsea.”


EG, Leigh on Sea

“My skin & hair has still been good especially the skin, I’ve noticed a massive difference with people I know have noticed and commented on how much better it looks.”


HR, Southend on Sea

“I started seeing Chelsea after suffering from hormonal issues and high levels of stress and anxiety that was impacting my health and draining my energy. After receiving my first batch of remedies from Chelsea, I quickly saw a difference in my energy levels and started to feel better in all aspects of my health and outlook.

I also feel the remedies helped me to fall pregnant quickly, which I am so grateful for, and Chelsea has continued to help me throughout my pregnancy with my iron levels which has made a big difference.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Chelsea and now both my mum and nan are clients who also agree what an amazing help she is to their health.”

Hormone Balancing

SB, Shoebury

“A big thank you to Chelsea! Over the years I have tried many different therapies with varying degrees of success but felt I had not quite found the answer to dealing with my bereavement Grief.

Not having tried Homeopathy, I decided to give it a go and feel so fortunate to have found Chelsea, she is wonderful. Something in me seems to have shifted and I feel better than I have done in years.

As a result of successfully addressing some deeply held emotions, my stress levels have fallen and I have also noticed an improvement in my Tinnitus which is an unexpected bonus! I highly recommend Chelsea to you.”

Grief & Stress

JP, Rochford

“I’ve tried every hay fever remedy over the years, but this homeopathic programme has been the most successful. Thanks Chelsea”


RB, Leigh on Sea

“Thank you for all your help and support over the past year. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you.”


RL, Leigh on Sea

“I saw Chelsea after suffering from that horrible cold/flu that was going around at Christmas. She gave me some remedies and a tonic. Both worked really well with me and I felt a lot better and started to get back to myself. I felt really comfortable with Chelsea in my consultation. Homeopathy is an excellent alternative treatment and would recommend seeing Chelsea if you are interested in trying this.”


AN, Leigh on Sea

“I first visited Chelsea approximately 8 months ago, as i was experiencing high anxiety and extremely low mood, my consultations were followed up by phone calls from Chelsea, at times i needed to speak to Chelsea as my anxiety would peak for a variety of reasons, i would always receive a phone call back shortly after if she was unable to speak to me. I found Chelsea to be very professional, my remedies worked and now my anxiety is the lowest it has been for many years.”


JB, Leigh on Sea

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