Dutch Hormone Testing & Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Testing might be right for you if…

 ,You are struggling with unexplainable hormone symptoms

You have read the books, followed the diets, taken the supplements and feel no better

You have been to the doctors, had blood tests and not got any answers

You are interested in long term health, treating the whole body and you are not looking for a band aid solution

Testing can highlight deeper issues that will help resolve issues like:

Peri-to-post menopause

Anxiety & depression

Mood swings

Heavy / flooding periods

Blood sugar imbalance

Thyroid symptoms


Weight loss resistance

PCOS & Fibroids

Balance your hormones naturally


Price: £300

Hair test looking mineral balance and heavy metal toxicity.

Gives insight into mineral balance, hormones, thyroid, adrenals, & blood sugar balance



Price: £600

Urine test looking at hormone levels, how well you are using and detoxing hormones.

Gives insight into hormones, detox pathways, energy, sleep and mood


Both tests

Price: £800

If you would like more support along side your testing, you might be an ideal candidate for my Haywire Hormone Fix programme.

What happens next?

Once you have booked and paid for your testing package you will receive an email confirming your tests have been ordered, together with a health questionnaire and instructions for taking your test.  

I will email you once the labs have returned your results, to book your results session – add this to your calendar!

Show up to your results session eager to learn.

That’s it! 


Hormone Testing: What’s included?

Test and full interpretation

1-hour session to go through results and recommendations

Personal report with nutrition and supplement recommendations

Access to high-quality discounted supplements

1 x homeopathic remedy and 1 x Homeobotanical herbal tincture

** Packages including testing and homoeopathy are available **

What my clients say about me

“I have been suffering with PMS and low iron for a few years now, the symptoms that these cause are worsening as I get older.

When I found out Chelsea was specialising in hormones we had a discussion and I decided to commence treatment.

We are working together and I am seeing an improvement already after only 3 months.

I have found Chelsea is to be knowledgeable, professional and very empathetic.

I talk about her work often and I would encourage anyone to go and give it a go.”

Hormone Balancing

WA, Leigh on Sea

“I’ve been seeing Chelsea via Skype for a few months now for help with my periods as I am in the perimenopausal phase.

My symptoms were illness and feeling run down before every period, heavy periods and often a low mood.

These symptoms have really changed and I now have no PMT at all.

I would highly recommend Chelsea as she is extremely knowledgeable about hormones, diet and nutrition as well as which remedies suited me.

Chelsea is very easy to talk to and I have found her sessions informative too.”

Premenstrual (PMT)

JP, Chingford

“I started seeing Chelsea after suffering from hormonal issues and high levels of stress and anxiety that was impacting my health and draining my energy. After receiving my first batch of remedies from Chelsea, I quickly saw a difference in my energy levels and started to feel better in all aspects of my health and outlook.

I also feel the remedies helped me to fall pregnant quickly, which I am so grateful for, and Chelsea has continued to help me throughout my pregnancy with my iron levels which has made a big difference.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Chelsea and now both my mum and nan are clients who also agree what an amazing help she is to their health.”

Hormone Balancing

SB, Shoebury