Homeopathy for Race Anxiety


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On the weekend I completed the Nuclear Race consisting of a 7km run, 60 obstacles and lots and lots of mud. The race is held in a field in Essex not too far from here but far enough for me to have to stop on route needing a nervous wee.

I really don’t know how I ended up entered in this race.  I don’t like being cold, I especially don’t like being cold and wet and I don’t like mud.  I have loads of little fears like claustrophobia, rats (in my mind they are anywhere there is water) and I’m afraid of hurting myself.  And in addition to all this, I start these things with thoughts of “I can’t do this” or “I’m not fit enough”.

Lucky for homeopathy I say!

Anxiety – Gelsemium

We have remedies for all different sorts of anxiety – anticipatory anxiety (Arg-Nit), panic attacks (Aconite), stage fright (Lycopodium) and so on.

I went for a remedy called Gelsemium.  The anxiety of a Gelsemium patient is often described as butterflies in the tummy and there may be weakness of muscles which includes the need to wee often.  They also fear something terrible will happen. This was me on Saturday morning – continual trips to the loo, my stomach doing flips whilst worrying I was going to injure myself.  One dose of Gelsemium was all that was required.

Infection – Narayani War

Did you know people that do crazy events where there is a possibility of ingesting dirty water, drink coke afterwards?  Coke is said to prevent stomach bugs that may result after swallowing harmful bacteria in the water.  Coke is also the best thing for cleaning your toilet.  I only add that last sentence to really emphasize how awful Coke is.

Anyway, instead of drinking Coke, I used a homeopathic blend call Narayani War – it is similar to an antibiotic and is used for infection and inflammation.  I took one pillule pre-and post-race purely as a preventative and was thus able to avoid Coke and any infections.

Bruising and Fatigue – Arnica

Arnica is possibly the best known homeopathic remedy.  It is great for bruising and I had a lot of bruises.  It is also used for exhaustion – muscle exhaustion but it also can be used for general exhaustion.  I must admit on Sunday I felt physically broken.  But a few doses of Arnica and by Monday I was back to normal.  I even went to the gym Monday night!

So I am pleased to say I completed the race un-injured, not seeing any rats and I was more than fit enough. I did however avoid one obstacle, the rat run.  Between its name and my claustrophobia, it was just too much for me.

If you have an event that you are feeling anxious about, why not get in touch for a free chat about how homeopathy can help you.

Chelsea x