Empowered Menopause Movement

A group coaching programme empowering women on their peri-to-post menopause journey

Is this you?

√ You are struggling with your hormones and are fed up with feeling overwhelmed and out of balance

√ You have read the books, followed the diets, taken the supplements and feel no better

√ You have been to the doctors and are not happy with their recommendations

√ You are feeling unheard, unseen, dismissed

√ You are wanting to feel calm, confident and supported

√ You want to feel energised and empowered to take control of your health

And you want to do it naturally with a group of likemined women?

Women heal in communities…

Connection is a basic fundamental need.  And women are biologically designed to seek out communities.  That is what makes group programmes of shared experiences so powerful.

What would your menopause group programme look like?

Would it include?


Education on what is happening to your hormones

✓ Best practice menopausal nutrition to optomise hormone production

✓ Evidence-based lifestyle measures to ensure a smoother transition

✓ Symptom management advice

✓ Tools to help you implement new healthy habits and break old habits

✓ Accountability, resources and support

And if I told you that, and more, is all available to you?

Can you imagine that programme?

Let me introduce…

Empowered Menopause Movement

A group coaching programme empowering women in their menopausal journey.

You might be:

✓ Taking HRT and need some extra support

✓ Not taking HRT and wanting an alternative approach

✓ Unable to take HRT

So here’s the thing, whilst symptoms like hot flushes, mood swings, fatigue and stubborn weight gain are tell-tale signs of the menopause, they don’t have to be your normal.

Through this programme I will empower you with the knowledge and tools to experience menopause in the way you deserve.

I will help you get back to feeling like you, naturally.

Perimenopausal, menopausal or beyond

Where ever you are in your menopausal journey, you deserve to flow into the next phase of life with ease and grace.

This programme will teach you how to do this – and more.

Using my signature Empowered Menopause MethodⓇ, I will help you:

√ To understand your hormones and what your symptoms are telling you

√ How to optimise your nutrition 

√ Wholesome, simple lifestyle changes to support your menopause transition

√ How to revitalise your body’s ability to detox and eliminate excess hormones

√ How to avoid hormone-disrupting toxins

√ The importance of prioritising your self-care

√ The importance of exercise and the types of exercise you should be doing

√ Understand how our emotional state impacts our physical being

√  Learn how to be consistent in your health choices, through menopause and beyond



“Working with you has been a real life-changer for me. You’ve given me the knowledge and guidance that I needed to set me on the right track with my diet and my exercise when I really didn’t know what I should be doing. The coaching work has led to a real sense of self-assurance and wisdom. I didn’t quite believe in myself before but you’ve helped me to see that it’s okay to do that and that it’s right to do so. You also revealed some grief that I hadn’t fully processed and helped me with that process too. The package that you’ve put together is excellent – when you work on all the areas of your life at once the result is so powerful.”


“I have a proper structure for my diet which is realistic. A proper structure for my exercise which is realistic. A proper structure for my personal development and self-care which I can work on as I need to and is realistic. Yes, they are all sustainable. I also like that if I ever lose focus in any of these areas I can just go back again and start afresh. There isn’t a feeling of if I don’t stick to it for a day or week or even a month then it was all wasted. The structure is there for me to return to.”


“Understanding the importance of the blood-sugar balancing diet has had such a positive impact on my life in terms of energy levels, feeling good about myself and eating well. Understanding more about the importance of strength training to increase my metabolism and ultimately help with my body shape as well. Learning how to use meditation. I feel wiser and more self-assured having gone through the process.”

Why work with me?

Hi, I am Chelsea and I fundamentally believe that all women deserve better hormonal health care through all stages of life.

In my 1:1 work I use a unique approach combining homeopathy, nutrition and health coaching.  This means a blend of holistic, whole person energy medicine and evidence based lifestyle medicine.

After years of working with women and hearing numerous stories about how they had been let down by conventional medicine, told they had to take HRT/the pill/antidepressants or put up with their menopause symptoms and being told that natural remedies and nutrition wouldn’t make much difference, I decided to bring together all my knowledge to support women through the peri-to-post menopause transition.  

I can’t wait to share this information with you and see you thrive in menopause, naturally.


P.S. if you want to know about my qualifications, you can find them on my about me page.

Are you ready to feel like you again?

Empowered Menopause Movement

I have pulled out the best of my 1:1 work and put it together in a group coaching format.  Combining my knowledge and experience in menopausal nutrition and coaching I will empower you to have the menopausal experience you deserve.  And if that is not enough, I will also teach you how to maintain consistent health habits long term.

Whether you are just starting to show signs of entering peri-menopause or are in full-blown menopause, this programme is suitable for you.

We start with some self-reflection of your current lifestyle and nutrition to see what is and isn’t serving you.  We follow that with a powerful visualisation to truly understand what you want your future health to look like.

Your journey into eating to support your menopause starts with a 2-week detox and I am not going to lie, you might find the detox challenging but I will be there to hold your hand the whole way through.

From there to the end of the programme, we will be taking small steps toward your health goal.  We will look at lifestyle factors that influence hormone production, challenge current habits and implement menopause-friendly changes. 

This programme is not about restrictions (well, apart from the detox) and it’s not about denial or calorie counting or about implementing unachievable routines. It’s about understanding how hormones and working with the body to create ease and flow.

What’s Included?

3-month group programme consisting of:
Weekly group coaching
Weekly Q&A sessions
Weekly challenges to keep you on track
Weekly accountability check-in
Community of like-minded women
Menopause nutrition plan
Hormone balancing recipes
Visualisation meditation
Consistency coaching
Life time access to my ‘Empowered Menopause Method’
All the support, resources and accountability to help you reach your goals

Your Investment = £300

Inside my signature Empowered Menopause Method

1: REFRAME: Menopause, your future health report
  • Get started with a meditation of your future so we know were you want to get to
  • Let’s challenge any beliefs you may have on menopause because how we view menopause has a huge impact on how we experience menopause
  • Two-week detox to remove any toxins that might inhibit your journey into long term health and kick start your metabolic health – the first key to a natural menopausal transition
  • Learn how to nourish yourself with food for your Menopause and beyond so that you can look and feel great
2. REVIVE: The key pillars to hormonal health
  • Learn how stress is a huge inhibitor to a healthy, joyful menopausal transition, understand why stress becomes a problem, how to manage it and to prioritise self-care
  • Understand how exercise needs to change as you move through the menopause and what you should be doing instead
  • Learn how to sleep well and feel rested every single day
  • Understand how both toxins and trauma may be causing a stress response in your body and contributing to your menopause symptoms
3. REWIRE: The power of consistent habits
  • Set yourself up for success so that you can reach your long-term goals
  • Understand what is getting in your way of creating and sticking to healthy habits
  • Overcome resistance and stop finding excuses
  • Creating and sticking to healthy goals so that you can maintain what you learn long term
4. RENEW: The vibrant new you
  • Symptoms, sex and other saucy stuff… access resources for all sorts of symptoms so that you can be empowered to maintain your own health long into the future
  • Learn how menopause affects ageing so that you can engage in preventative healthcare
  • Learn how to bring it all together, in a unique plan for you
  • Assess how far you have come, what the new vibrant new you looks like and how to ensure things stay that way after the programme ends


I have XYZ condition, is this programme suitable for me?

I treat the whole person and any pre-existing conditions would be very carefully considered and the programme would be tailored to your needs.  However, if in any doubt, please refer to your primary physician for advice.

I am taking XTZ medication, is this programme suitable for me?

Yes, homeopathy can safely be taken alongside conventional medication and all nutritional recommendations would be made with your meds in mind.  However, if in any doubt, please refer to your primary physician for advice.

How much 1:1 time is included in the programme?

This is a group coaching programme and as such there is no 1:1 time.  There is however weekly Q&A and group coaching sessions.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this programme each week?

That is entirely up to you.  Each week there are two videos and downloadable resources drip fed in the Empowered Menopause Method portal.  As a guide, I would allow 1-hour per week for the materials within the portal.

Does this programme include homeopathy?

No, homeopathy is an individualised medicine and as such requires 1:1 time to get a true picture of you and your uniqueness.  If you would prefer homeopathy to be included I suggest checking out my 1:1 programme.

I have taken other courses, I know about nutrition/exercise/selfcare, why should I take this programme?

This programme is specific to the peri-to-post menopausal experience which requires a different approach to nutrition and exercise.  And I am going to teach you how to create consistent habits so this should be the last programme you need.

What if this programme doesn’t work for me?

I am so confident that this programme will work for you, that if it doesn’t and you have consistently shown up and done the work, then I will refund you or offer you the option to repeat the programme.  The choice is yours.