Natural Menopause Remedies

Restore your hormonal health and get back to feeling, happy, healthy and vibrant.

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Manage your menopause symptoms naturally

Restore your hormonal health and get back to feeling, happy, healthy and vibrant.

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Banish hot flushes

Lose weight

Regain confidence

You deserve a personalised, natural approach not just a generic prescription

Hot flushes, weight gain, brain fog and feeling out of sorts is not something you have to put up with, it is your body’s way of telling you something is out of balance.

Feel like yourself again naturally

Live your life without compromise

Set yourself up for better long term health on your terms

Restore your hormonal health

No more menopause symptoms, weight gain or sleepless nights

Feel happy, healthy & vibrant

Regain your confidence, restore your relationships, feel like you again

I want you to feel like yourself again.

Holistic approach

Personalised programme

Homeopathy, nutrition & health coaching

Hormone Testing & Packages

I can run DUTCH hormone tests, gut tests and hair tissue mineral analysis.  Get in touch to find out which test/package is right for you.

Homeopathy for perimenopause

Homeopathy for hormone Balance

Balance your hormones naturally with homeopathy.  A gentle, holistic medicine that works with the whole person to support hormone balance.  

Health coaching for women's hormone balance

Your Empowered Menopause Programme

My 1:1 signature 4 month programme covering everything you need for a natural menopause programme using homeopathy, nutrition & health coaching.

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Get back to feeling happy, healthy & vibrant

What my clients say about me

“I have been suffering with PMS and low iron for a few years now, the symptoms that these cause are worsening as I get older.

When I found out Chelsea was specialising in hormones we had a discussion and I decided to commence treatment.

We are working together and I am seeing an improvement already after only 3 months.

I have found Chelsea is to be knowledgeable, professional and very empathetic.

I talk about her work often and I would encourage anyone to go and give it a go.”

Hormone Balancing

WA, Leigh on Sea

“I’ve been seeing Chelsea via Skype for a few months now for help with my periods as I am in the perimenopausal phase.

My symptoms were illness and feeling run down before every period, heavy periods and often a low mood.

These symptoms have really changed and I now have no PMT at all.

I would highly recommend Chelsea as she is extremely knowledgeable about hormones, diet and nutrition as well as which remedies suited me.

Chelsea is very easy to talk to and I have found her sessions informative too.”

Premenstrual (PMT)

JP, Chingford

“I started seeing Chelsea after suffering from hormonal issues and high levels of stress and anxiety that was impacting my health and draining my energy. After receiving my first batch of remedies from Chelsea, I quickly saw a difference in my energy levels and started to feel better in all aspects of my health and outlook.

I also feel the remedies helped me to fall pregnant quickly, which I am so grateful for, and Chelsea has continued to help me throughout my pregnancy with my iron levels which has made a big difference.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Chelsea and now both my mum and nan are clients who also agree what an amazing help she is to their health.”

Hormone Balancing

SB, Shoebury

The Ultimate Guide to Thriving in the Menopause, Naturally

My MUST-DO tips to not just survive, but to seriously thrive in menopause.  Especially if you want to lose the weight, banish the hot flushes and have great energy!